Travelling with your guitar and the best guitars for travel

Published September 24, 2016

travelling-with-your-guitarWe all know that happiness for a traveler enthusiast is not getting to the destination but rather the events during the travel. For the musicians who are involved in distant gigs, travelling light with guitars that are compact but which still retain their quality is desirable. Apart from the risk of scratches and scruffs, exposure to different levels of humidity can also affect your favorite instrument as you are on the road.  Below are some qualities of a good travel guitar.

The measurement of a guitar from its bridge to its nut gives you the scale of a guitar. The standard full scale guitar is about 25.5 inches in length. Although many travel guitars retain their full scale body, they have their main body reduced to ensure that they can be easily and conveniently transported. There also exist travel acoustic guitars that have a more compact body which is also smaller. Although this reduction may sometimes end up reducing the sound amplification of the instrument, travel acoustic guitars are very convenient for travelling guitarists because of their portability

Since most travel guitars have smaller bodies they need to be properly amplified because of their low sounds. A good travel guitar is one that has an amplification system with a compatible and easy to use output jack that is built into it to enable the player to easily plug it into different kinds of amplifier systems.

Travel guitars are not just limited to mellow music but there are short, compact guitars that have been built with a lot of efficiency and playability that produce a good bass sound and hence are good guitars for metal musicWhile they might not be as versatile sonically as the full scale bass guitars, the tone produced works very well especially when the guitar is used together with a good overdrive amp.

Due to recent innovation and advancement in technology, travel guitars are no longer limited to reduction of size but we now have full scale guitars that can now be disassembled to enable them fit into bags that are as small as a normal laptop bag hence making travelling with your favorite guitar simpler, cheaper and easier.

This solution to the problem of the age old problem of travelling with a guitar is available to nearly all kinds of guitars including the acoustic, bass and electric guitars. While some have a detachable neck that separate the neck from the body, other guitars have built in pivots and hinges to enable the guitar to fold into two.

Most travel acoustic guitars are made from laminate that is pressured highly and the necks are made from rust stratabond material. This is done to produce guitars that are cheaper and lighter while still maintaining that good quality sound. The laminate material used is also a bit stronger and is able to handle changes in humidity and they are not easily scratched.


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