The wide array of music preferences and the impact of music on peoples dressing

Published September 24, 2016

impact-of-music-1I have often found myself watching people in their everyday life. I have noticed a trend in both men and women about their dressing behavior in relation to their preference of music. Dressing in this context refers to the individual’s choice of clothing.

Over generations, people have greatly been influenced by the kind of music they listen to. By either conscious or unconscious decision, individuals tend to dress in relation to the type of music they enjoy most. Dressing and music are linked in the way an individual carries themselves, the way they walk and their general attitude towards life and other people.

I like spending my Saturday afternoons at a park in my town. I take this time to listen to my favorite music tracks and also read my favorite books. Apart from listening to music, I also love reading. Reading helps me increase my knowledge and also opens up my mind to see how other people perceive life.

One afternoon, as I was reading one of my favorite books, I saw a middle aged man coming to my direction. He was in tight jeans, boots and cowboy hat. On top of that, he was carrying a guitar. He came and took a seat next to where I was seated. He retrieved the guitar from its bag; it was a seagull guitar and he began adjusting its strings. He seemed like he had been playing the guitar all day. What clicked in my mind at that moment is that he must have been a country music artists or a country music fan.

Apart from his dressing, he also had a distinct walking style that further defined him. Country music fans generally have a jovial stride. The persona which they display, will somewhat indicate a modest but a fun loving person. Another defining style for country music lovers is the big buckle on their belts. Most of the country music fans will try hard to look like their favorite musicians. Many times both men and women will assume this kind of dressing.

On another afternoon, I went to pick my new friend Jane, for a concert. She had bought two tickets for a concert that was happening in town but she had not revealed any details about the concert. When I got into her house, everything in the house was a hint… from the bass guitar, bass amp and even the way she was dressed gave me a clue of her music inclination.

From these thing, I had a clue of what the concert was all about. And my guess was right, it was a rock and roll concert that was happening in town later that evening. From the way she dressed to the items I saw in her house, it was clear it was a rock and roll night.

Music impacts people’s lives in different ways. It tends to define individual personalities and their characters. People who listen to blues and classic music will dress and behave differently from reggae music fans. This is also true for any other type of music.

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