The unusual story of my on and off love affair with my Epiphone dot electric guitar

Published September 24, 2016

epiphone-dot-electric-guitarAll my life, I have been fond of music. My parents discovered my love for music early enough and decided to invest in it. My mother paid for my guitar classes when in turned ten and my father offered to buy me an Epiphone dot electric guitar if I performed well in class. I was always among the top students and therefore I knew that this was achievable.

I loved the electric guitar because this is the same brand that my music teacher was using for music lessons. Just like most of the children, I believed that whatever the teacher used was supposed to be the best.

When I turned sixteen, I decided to join a rock band. I was a rock n roll music fan. The band was majorly comprised of boys from my neighborhood. I spent most of my free time with the band members where we practiced playing different tracks of rock music. Every member in the band had a specific role. I was the lead guitarist since I had acquired great skills in playing the electric guitar.

When I turned eighteen, I quit playing in the band and wanted to focus on my education. This is the time I was joining college for my degree. Before I could leave home for college, I decided to clear out my room of all items of my childhood.

I took all my childhood clothes, my toys, several devices and other items and put them in a huge box for disposal. Before I could walk away with the huge box, I saw my electric guitar where it hanged on the wall and went for it. I realized it was a long time since I played it. Everything on the guitar including the guitar pickup and the strings were intact. I then decided to also dispose it since I was no longer using it.

I carried the box to a refuse damp site that was not far from my parents’ house. I was about to dump the guitar when a boy, that was about ten years old came up to me, looking shocked.

“You are not going to throw away that guitar, are you?” the young boy asked in shock. I had already made up my mind and so I told him that I was dumping it. He asked if I could give it to him, and I agreed. We both went our separate ways.

In the days that followed, I never recalled anything about the guitar until recently when life took a toll on me and I decided to go back to music for solace. The first thing that clicked in my mind was the electric guitar that I gave out more than ten years ago. I felt bad because I thought I had no way of getting it back again.

Then a few weeks ago, I got a call that changed my life. A gentleman called Smith called in and said that he owned a pawn shop in town and he had my Epiphone Dot electric guitar. He told me that the guitar was sold several times before it got to him.

It is then that I remembered my dad’s old habit of putting stickers with my name and address on everything that was mine. Smith was asking for three thousand dollars in exchange for the guitar. The price was huge but then I realized it was worth it. That guitar holds priceless memories for me and I could not let an opportunity of having it back slip by.

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