The life of a musical instrumentalist _ from being a mere instrumentalist to becoming a performer

Published September 24, 2016

musical-instrumentalistFor many people, music is a way of life. Music inspires and calms down emotions. It also enables people to speak out their heart and minds in a positive way. One can enjoy the goodness of music by listening to one’s favorite music tracks, singing along to lyrics of different music tracks or even by playing various musical instruments such as guitars and pianos.

It becomes more fulfilling for an artist if he can sing and also play a music instrument. An individual can begin their career in music by enrolling in music classes where they learn various aspects of music such as playing different types of musical instruments. Some other people have become successful artists by learning to play various musical instruments through online tutorials. Others have also recorded, produced and published their own music online which they share with the rest of the world through various platforms such as the social media.

Some musical instruments such as the digital piano for beginners are precisely designed to help novice instrumentalists in learning piano basics. As an individual masters piano skills, they can then upgrade to more sophisticated musical instruments such as the acoustic pianos.

Most of the people learn how to play various musical instruments with the intention of becoming great public performers. However, becoming a great instrumentalist doesn’t guarantee one to be a great public performer.  Performance, in itself is an art, just like acting or dancing. Whether an individual is a performer or not, it comes down to talent, individual’s temperament and their personality.

There are people who are born to be public performers and other are not. However, an individual can master some basics of public performance and eventually end up being a great public performer. One of the main secrets of becoming an outstanding public performer is by getting out of one’s way and doing a lot of practice. It is also important to free up one’s minds by clearing any doubts and tensions during a performance.

Most of the musicians struggle hard to hit specific notes with precision during performances which sometimes works against them. Whether an individual is playing the piano, an acoustic guitar or singing with their vocals, it is always advisable to try and be natural. Artists are not called to be precise machines, but they are called to entertain, to enlighten, and to amuse and sometimes even to shock.

There are great musicians who have experienced memory lapse in their performances and this has led then to never stepping on stage again in their careers. For most artists, a moment of memory slip can lead to insecurities which may occasion subsequent memory lapses during a performance sometimes making it impossible to continue with a performance.

Public performance is an inborn talent. An individual can however learn the art and perfect it over time. The best thing that can happen to any artist is having the opportunity to showcase their skills to the rest of the world. The best way to achieve this, is by becoming a public performer. Being a great public performer should be the aspiration of every great instrumentalist.

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