The Jazz concert that changed my life

Published September 24, 2016

jazz-concertDespite always having been a jazz fan, the jazz concert I attended to celebrate my 20th birthday inspired me to love jazz music to another level. One of the reasons why I liked the concert was because of the way everything was set out.

The atmosphere in the hall was all set for jazz music enthusiasts. I had been attending jazz music sessions before but this setting was different as it mainly comprised of people of a different social class, mostly business people and corporate heads. I was the only person of my age in the hall that night. There were round tables that were set up everywhere where different types of wines were being served. The hall was dimly lit with the only light coming from the floor stage where the band played from.

The jazz band consisted of five members called the Charged Ions. The instruments included an acoustic guitar, an epiphone wildcat electric guitar, a percussion set, an electric bass guitar, a trumpet, a saxophone and an electric piano. The sound from the six instruments was creatively combined to make a thrilling performance by the charged Ions band.

The band played a number of songs most of which were my favorite and I enjoyed them. The band played a popular jazz track named ‘Pig Pile’. This song was played with what I believed to be a muted trumpet that was slowly playing the lead. The percussion set then followed accompanied by the acoustic guitar. The tempo seemed to rise to moderate when the bass guitar played and even faster when the man with the electric guitar took up.

The band had a wireless guitar system, so the guitarist had the freedom to go closer to the audience.  When one of the band members with an acoustic guitar came near me, he provoked me to get on my feet and dance. I could not resist dancing to the sweet melodies that the band played that night.

Majority of the people in the hall were dancing in two’s, unfortunately, I had no dance partner. So, one of the band members requested me to join them as they wanted to play the closing music track for the concert. I knew it was climax time and the last song would drive the crowd even wilder. By this time, wine seemed to work on most people and they were holding nothing back.

The band introduced the last song for that night, “To her Ladyships”. This song was originally done by Billy Frasier. Even before the band had begun to sing, everyone was already on their feet. The charged Ions band did not disappoint.

The performance was so electrifying that everybody was left yearning for more. On my part, I danced with so much zeal and passion that one of the band members suggested that I should join them. From that day, I became the sixth member of the Charged Ions Band and I am not thinking of quitting from the band any time soon.

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