The internet has provided new avenues for job creation

Published May 20, 2016

The internet has provided new avenues for job creation

The internet is one of the modern inventions that has had staggering effects on the life of mankind. I do not think there is anything that has had such an impact on everything that man does as much as the internet. It has changed the social life of man, it has changed communication, it has changed the ways of doing business, the ways of spreading news, and now it is about to change how other things, such as your house appliances, work i.e. the internet of things.

The impact of the internet can be felt everywhere and in most cases, the internet has greatly improved things. For example, communication is now much faster and cheaper. Trade deals can be transacted remotely and instantly saving on time and costs. Money can be sent instantly across the world and at a lower cost. Messages can be communicated to the masses faster, easier and at a lower cost, and now the internet has created jobs.

The issue of jobs is a major issue all around the world. Many countries are battling the problem of too many people in the streets suffering due to the lack of jobs. Not because they are not qualified for the jobs but because there are no vacancies for what they have trained and studied for. The only solution for this is the creation of more jobs.

The internet has magnificently come to the rescue. Due to the boom in activity thanks to the internet, business companies are now able to sell more and therefore they need to produce more. To do this they need to employ more resources to facilitate production and this includes hiring more working personnel. Financial companies such as banks are also experiencing an influx in banking activities such as more deposits and withdrawals, and more money being sent abroad. Many business deals are also being done and money has to be transferred across bank accounts, in the same way, banks also need to employ more people to facilitate these transfers.

Apart from the existing companies experiencing more activity and needing more personnel, the internet has enabled new kind of jobs to be formed. For example, until recently there were no websites, no social sites, blogs, etc. These are all as a result of the internet. As it is, these sites need to be designed created, and maintained. Being that there are millions of sites active today, these new inventions have created many jobs for writers, web designers, bloggers, and developers.

Companies are also now employing people over the internet to help them with some of their work. Companies and individuals are hiring freelancers to help them do work that can be done remotely. These helps the companies save a lot of money from the expenses that could have otherwise been incurred with maintaining in-house workers.

There are many other jobs that can be found on the internet such as where companies pay people to complete some online surveys that help the company know how to market and produce their products. Other similar jobs include playing online video games for a fee and watching online videos.

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