Qualities that make the fender starcaster guitar a favorite for many guitar players

Published September 24, 2016

fender-starcaster-guitarBy seamlessly merging the best features of the earlier fender guitar with modern technology, the fender starcaster guitar is a rare and unique gem that is made to handle the demands of the modern guitar player. Being the first guitar by the fender guitar manufacturers that has an offset waist, this semi hollow electric guitar delivers energetic, complex and deep scintillating tones. There are three main parts of a guitar that determines the sound produced. This are the body, the electronics used and the hardware.

The body of the fender starcaster is beautifully shaped and the maple laminates together with the bottom and top binding gives the guitar a nice natural finish. The F shaped holes on the body of the fender starcaster guitar are not only a visible mark of proper workmanship but also project the timbre of its body very efficiently. Inside its body runs a centre block that is made from alder that is particularly useful when the volume is turned up since it ensures that the feedback does not overwhelm the output.

Attached to the body is a neck made of maple which is shaped into a nice C shape which has proved to be quite comfortable when playing the guitar. The maple fingerboard that this guitar comes with has 22 frets and is contoured in a radius of 9.5 inches that really assist in ensuring that the bends of the string are as smooth as possible during execution. The guitar also boasts black dot inlay decorations that also come in handy during fret navigation.

When it comes to the electrical accessories, the humbucking pickups which are full voiced, dual wide range types are tasked with the daunting task of ensuring that the timbre coming from the shape of its body and the guitars tonewoods – however complex – is captured with ease.

The guitar’s tone and volume can easily be controlled through the pickup selector switch built into the humbucking pickup. The resulting tone produced by this guitar is quite complex and can be used by a wide variety of musicians in different genres of music. With a style that is very sophisticated, the starcaster also boasts of being very versatile in its range of possible areas of application.

The pinned adjusto-matic bridge fitted on the body of this guitar ensures that the body and the strings are connected seamlessly to ensure that the resultant sustain, string tension and intonation are as perfect as possible. The tuning machine is securely fixed in the standard fender style that ensures that the users of this guitar are totally reassured.

Just like the modern electric digital piano, the fender starcaster guitar has a pedal that can be attached in order to assist the player in adjusting the volume. This distortion equalizer pedal by fender allows the player to easily adjust the bass, treble and mid frequencies. In addition one can also adjust the distortion tone of your guitar with the fat, bone crushing metal, mid boosted lead and the vintage distortion effects being available.

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