My musical journey _ discovering and nurturing my talent through musical gadgets

Published September 24, 2016


From the beginning of times, music has been an important element in different cultures, individuals and societies. Music serves a lot of purposes which helps us in our daily living. Today, music has advanced and is also being used for medical therapy. For instance, psychologists are using music to help patients cope better with depression naturally.

Music is my favorite companion. It is in music where I find solace whenever I feel down. I have been fond of music for as long as I can remember. From my early memories, my first encounter with music was through an electronic piano for beginners which my father bought as a present for me in my fifth birthday.

When I received this piano, I played it all the time and I would carry it whenever we went. Sometimes I played it while travelling and people would think that I had a mental problem because I was struggling with the keys and I didn’t know how to play it. To them, it was noise, but to me, it was music.

Later on, my father discovered my love for music and he bought me an acoustic piano. It cost him some money, but then it was worth it. I listened to the sound this new piano produced and it was incomparable to my childhood piano. By this time, I had already learnt the basics and had acquired some skills in playing the piano. I also joined the school choir where I learnt playing other musical instruments such as the guitar and learnt of other accessories such as guitar amps.

When I turned eighteen, I began working in a local restaurant where I served in the bar section. This section was my favorite because of one thing; the karaoke machine. Working in that bar gave me memories that I treasure to date. One of my favorite experiences is where my former high school teacher was singing with the karaoke machine. He recorded himself and gave me a copy of the tape which I keep to date. Karaoke was held every Thursday and I was always longing for such days to come.

Working in the bar only gave me the opportunity to enjoy what the patrons were doing with the karaoke machine but I never had the opportunity to participate. It is then that I decided to buy my own home karaoke machine to be using at home. I would invite friends and colleagues in my apartment and karaoke the whole time. Sometimes I could also lend the machine to people holding birthday parties, weddings and fundraisers to spice up their events and also entertain their guests.

My love for music has seen me spent my entire life investing in it. Whenever I have extra money, the first thing I think of acquiring is a musical instrument. Sometimes I look around my house and think of it as a musical museum. I still keep music gadgets that I was using when I was a little boy. This influence is slowly catching on my son who seems to be following my steps.

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