Money and its importance as a necessity for survival today

Published May 20, 2016

Money and its importance as a necessity for survival today

Times are hard not because of anything, but because of the high costs of living. Today, it is safe to say that many of us consider how good a life we are living by checking out our purchasing power. It is obvious that without money you cannot buy the things you want, you cannot travel to destinations that you would like to go to, you cannot have proper security since you cannot buy or lease a home in a secure neighborhood, and you cannot get to be with the people you love!

It is unfortunate that money has become so central in our lives but that is just the way things are.

We wake up every morning and go to our respective jobs simply because we want some money at the end of the day. Money is what we will then use to buy our food and do almost everything else that comes at a cost in our lives. Although we might have some disdain over money and how it is glorified, we should only go back a few hundred years back to realize that using money is much better than the batter trade that was being used in the past.

With batter trade, it was almost a must for one to be either a farmer, a craftsman, a merchant, a thief, or one who is born into a royal family. Being a farmer was the most popular vocation. Craftsmen were few and they ranged from ironsmiths, pot makers, and such.

Today with the introduction of money, there are also all kinds of vocations for people to be involved in. This has hugely helped man to forge forwards in terms of advancement in civilization, standards of living, and innovations. People can now be trained to be skilled in specialized professions from which the very best can be achieved from them. Today we can now exhaustively address different aspects of life such as food production, transportation, banking services, education, medical care, innovations, trade, arts, and many other socio economic activities.

For any individual to make money today, it is therefore important that one has to be skilled. The more skilled one is, the easier it is for one to find a vocation where they can be employed.  The more the skill usually also means the more money that one can earn since they can provide better services.

People have therefore completely embraced training and education for viability in the job market. As more people are born and as the majority get educated, the competition for jobs has become tougher. Since job creation has lagged behind, many trained and capable people are now finding themselves without a vocation. Being without a vocation or a job means being without money; and as it has been stated above, being without money means suicide in today’s world.

Man has however found other ways of making money other than from the usual jobs where they can get employed. There are other non-traditional jobs such as working online that can provide individuals with money necessary for making a living. Working online provides numerous job opportunities such as online writing jobs, transcribing jobs, data entry jobs, online research, virtual personal assistant jobs, and many other jobs that can help one make some decent money.

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